Since buying my first Vogue magazine at 13 years of age my heart has been devoted to fashion and style.

This blog is about fashion, style and trends. Other things that capture my heart sneak in once in a while.

I've been working in the fashion retail industry for 15 years and have been fortunate to explore the fashion capitals, showrooms and fashion fairs of the world as a buyer. In this role I've been responsible for identifying new trends and upcoming brands. I've been lucky enough to meet people with an amazing sense of style, artistic personalities, and experienced aesthetic sceneries out of the ordinary.

In short, I love to observe and be inspired. Love to pick out my favourites in any given collection, explore the fairs for upcomming brands and just become immersed in creative environments.

My blog was created in 2009 to become my noticeboard, a creative space for me and it's a project I'm very passionate about.

I love browsing for the latest news in fashion, checking out the stores on the high street, online and reading my numerous monthly fashion magazines. I also find myself being seduced by art, music, film and poetry.

This blog is a collection of what I find amazing in my world.

As mynakedstyle is a blog, parts of my everyday life inadvertently creep in. A blog does open you up and bare your soul, leaving you feeling somewhat naked at times. I hope this helps explain the name.

Welcome to my 'naked' style - a personal blog by Ann-Kristin Løye Hejl

I am currently looking for new opportunities within digital concept development, marketing & communications.

"I see personal style as a "mood board", where the day or the momentary mood can be an aesthetic expression. We communicate with our style. Acquiring a wardrobe is akin to having materials for a collage that can be combined into the expression of a personality. Choosing your style is like being an artist in your own life."

- Ann-Kristin Løye Hejl


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