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H&M reminding us to recycle our clothes by bringing it back to where we purchased it. A win-win for both the environment and for H&M with the high chance of the customer to buy something new when coming back to the shop with the old clothes.

The Danish Fashion Forum news platform posted an article yesterday about Danes seeking more sustainable fashion. A study informs that 27 % of us find sustainability important, or very important when purchasing clothing and shoes. But 61 % find it too difficult to see through wether the product is produced under sustainable standards. The same amount are asking for a higher transparency in the area. >>
In Europe alone there's more than 20 labeling schemes for clothing and textiles, that cover various aspects of sustainability. According to the study both men and women are willing to pay more for clothing and shoes that are sustainable produced. There is a growing awareness both in the industry and political about the need for more transparent and simple labeling of clothes and textiles, the article argues.

There is an online tool by which you can measure the environmental footprint of your product. The Rapid Design Module has four modules (Facility, Brand, Product and Retailer), which together make the Higg Index.

Higg Index is a global measurement standard that makes it easy for anyone to measure the environmental impacts of products and benchmark against other companies. Sport Brands like Nike, Puma and Adidas use Higg Index as well as brands such as Burberry, H&M and Levi's. In Denmark, it is used among others by Bestseller, the Danish Fashion Institute, Ecco, IC Group and Novozymes.

Rapid Design is product-based and contains five elements: materials, production, packaging and consumption phase and recycling. Any company is able to measure these elements using the online tool Rapid Design Module.


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