feminine ink

Finally after several years of fearing the needle I found the courage to do it. 
A late birthday present from me to me, marking the milestone of turning 30. The mark of a new decade. I was prepared for both fainting and feeling sick, but actually the whole first hour I was thinking about how much the pain is overrated. After the second hour surely I started wondering if he'd be finished soon. Lots had been telling me about how the side of the rib cage is one of the most painful locations being tattooed. As this was my first I guess it can't get worse, cause this will not be my last. Suddenly I understand the fuss about the whole tattoo wave. Getting one done, seeing the result, decorating your body with symbols, drawings, of things that matters to you, or things you just find particular beautiful has gotten a whole new meaning. 
One day I'll show you mine, but for now here's some inspiration for feminine ink.


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