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Great casual basics, cashmere for reasonable prices and a huge range of colors - do you know Uniqlo? The very inspiring Manrepeller who's often seen wearing Uniqlo items made me hit the link button into the web shop of Uniqlo where I found a great range of desirable basics like the selection above.

The Japanese company has just announced that they are launching a line in collaboration with Pharrell Williams which will include t-shirts and caps and be available from April 2014.

View some of the Uniqlo looks of TheManrepeller below and find out more about the Uniqlo and Pharrell Willams collaboration >>

TheManrepeller wearing a 
Photo 1 Uniqlo sweater.
Photo 2 Uniqlo flannel shirt
Photo 3 Uniqlo shirt and sweater

"March 3, 2014, New York, U.S.A. – UNIQLO today welcomes world-renowned musician and music producer Pharrell Williams as a collaborator and spokesperson for the UT 2014 Spring Summer collection. Launched in 2003, UNIQLO’s UT T-shirt brand is getting a fresh start this year, as “The New Model T,” a collection produced by its creative director and street fashion icon NIGO.

The UT 2014 Spring Summer collection comprises around 35 themes in more than 1,200 colors and patterns, and features a line in collaboration with Mr. Williams’s

“i am OTHER” creative collective. Pharrell Williams will appear in the campaign images and a TV commercial for the UT 2014 Spring Summer collection. The collection will be available in the 14 countries and regions around the world where UNIQLO operates.

New Tagline: “The New Model T”

The UT T-shirt brand celebrates its 12th year, with a return to the roots of the T-shirt, offering an authentic pop style. Revisions have been made to the body of the shirts themselves, with a carefully selected assortment of graphics. Under the stern eye of street fashion icon NIGO, recently hired as creative director, the 2014 Spring Summer collection will comprise approximately 35 themes, including 18 new collaborations, with more than 1,200 colors and patterns for men, women, and kids.

Collaboration with “i am OTHER”

As part of the new UT collection, UNIQLO will launch a line in collaboration with Pharrell Williams’s “i am OTHER” creative collective. The products will include Men’s and Women’s T-shirts and Caps, and will be sold from mid-April in 14 countries and regions around the world, including Japan. In addition, the new TV commercial for UT to be released in April will feature a song from Pharrell’s new album “G I R L”. The commercial, and video of an exclusive interview, will be available on the UNIQLO website from April."

source: uniqlo.com


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