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If you can't wait for the Summer to arrive, or to jump on that plane for your long awaited beach holiday here's a tip. Surely most are familiar with the spray tan solution, but here's one which takes more careful precautions with having zero parabens, fragrances or alcohol. Besides that it dries within a couple of minutes after applying. >>

Nordictan self-tanning, is an odorless transparent liquid, and is compatible with water. 

Your skin will have a natural beautiful summer glow after approx. 4 hours. 

Self-tanning spray is Swan labeled, powered by compressed air, and provides a constant fine spray without having to shake, making it easy to apply on the skin. 

Everyone regardless of skin type can have a natural brown summer glow. 

nordictan Self Tanning Spray 200ml. 

+ Nordic Swan - with care for you and the environment 
+ Zero parabens, fragrances and alcohol 
+ The whole 200ml. Danish manufactured fake tan 
+ Provides the highest quality of approved DHA [sugars] 
+ Fine light dispersing via pneumatic no dangerous gases! 
+ Do not shake - just applied! 
+ Leaves skin soft with a natural summer glow in a few hours 
+ Online Video Guide and Tips 
+ Result lasts up to a week 

Good advice & guidance video, visit the 
Tip >> for the best result, apply with an applicator glove.


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