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When blogging about fashion and style you feel obligated to share your own style. 

I must admit that it is crossing my borders just a bit. 

#1 Why? 
Well, I just don't look at myself from that perspective of being that fashionista that people associate blogging with. I'm just an ordinary girl with a huge passion for making collages and browsing for the latest news in style and fashion.

#2 Don't you just love to shop?
I certainly do! But the main aim with blogging for me is not to go shopping and show off my latest purchase. Yet it might happen occasionally. The aim is to some extend to keep my readers updated on what is going on, on the scene of fashion and style. But primarily this blog is about what I find amazing in my world.

#3 Who's your favorite designer?
That's a difficult question. There's lots of beautiful high exclusive brands that I love, and that I stay updated with. But that doesn't make me craving their products. For me personally it's more rewarding finding something for a reasonable price that I'll wear all season, and that I can tell will last for the upcoming season as well.

#4 But don't you follow the latest trends as a blogger?
To some extend I guess I do, but it's not my aim. I dress in what feels comfortable and what represent my body's best features. I would never dress up in something only for the reason of a trend. I stay true to what suits me, both on the personally level, as well as what suits my everyday life.

#5 So why are you blogging then?
Because I enjoy it! And if someone is following my posts and blogging it would mean a lot to me. What would be better than having readers that enjoy my posts just as much as me?

#6 If your readers actually are interested in what you're wearing, would you do it more often then?
I think I would. If I eventually got some feedback or a cheer it would definitely help me to get out of my comfort zone and snap an outfit post more often. 

The sun was shining from a clear sky today. These months of the year makes it feels like forever since the last time the sun peaked out. It really gives you a boost of energy when it's there. Spontaneously we snapped a few photos today in the bright sun.

Black skinny jeans, a shirt and a jumper - easy. As I was on my way to celebrate my birthday I thought I'd dress up a bit and wore my new Billi Bi ankle boots (I'm mostly wearing flats). Recently I've been digging out all my old silk scarfs. I've got a box full of them in different colors, patterns and size. Most of them are vintage just as the one I'm wearing here. That thing fluttering behind me is my LaLa Berlin scarf and a very indispensable item in my wardrobe.

double breasted black wool coat / Cos, grey wool jumper / Cos, skinny jeans / Cheap Monday, blue shirt / Cos, silk scarf / Vintage, ankle boots / Billi Bi

Any thoughts?


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