eyeshopping: budget

The wide collar shirt would look great with a smaller silk scarf underneath, with the shirt slightly opened. I've been wearing my short golden necklace with a single pearl for a while now, a present from my parents when I graduated college. It really softens up and gives my everyday outfit a feminine touch. I'm still looking for a pair of ripped jeans with the right fit and slimmer legs than the old pair I've got. I like the idea of them being high waisted instead of hanging on the hip. The wedge mule shoe looks like the perfect hight for everyday life. They're available in white as well. The trench coat just looks fantastic and easy.

Get the look here >>

Wide collar shirt / Cos
Silk scarf / Pieces
Gold Pearl necklace 14k / Asos
Ripped high waisted jeans / Zara
Wedge heel mule / Vagabond
Long trench coat / Zara


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