autumn winter 2014: marc by marc jacobs

Quite a surprise and what a flash back in time after seeing Marc by Marc Jacobs Autumn Winter 14 runway show. If you turn 30 like I do today you'll probably want to go to the attic and dig out your Buffalo's just to get a stronger memory. If you're not brave enough to restart the trend then I'm sure there will be teenagers ready to make a good deal with you at the local market. 
15 years ago we were all wearing them. And if you didn't have a pair it was definitely your highest wish to get a pair of Buffalo's. Not to confuse obviously the platform trainer above are the Marc by Marc Jacobs from the runway show yesterday in New York.

The models of the Marc by Marc Jacobs runways show look like the prototype of any

rebellious teenager. Outfits with big statement prints like 'revolution', partisan scarves hiding their faces, and black col eye make-up. Platform trainers or boxing boots. The girly tight pigtails vs. the very womanly wide waist belt. Jeans with colorful embroidery tucked into knee high socks (which reminds me a lot of another big hit way back > leg warmers). Huge bows and the classic biker jacket combined with the ballerina skirt. Loads of layers with the turtleneck as the essential.

Any thoughts?


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