what couture?

Haute Couture ss14 in Paris ends today. 2 collection for the same season. Why? What is the difference between haute couture and ready-to-wear? 

Haute Couture means high fashion or high sewing which refers to that it's made purely by hand. No sewing machines are involved and the materials used are very high of quality and very expensive. Because of the time, money and skill involved in creating one piece of haute couture the garments doesn't have price tags. The budget is not relevant at all. Therefore the haute couture runway shows are much more like a an art exhibition.
Haute couture garments are often seen on celebs where the designer has tailored the garment specific after measurement for the person. These unique haute couture garments are not to buy in regular shops, unless it's vintage.

Ready-to-wear on contrary is factory made clothing in standardized sizes. They're produced with standard patterns and factory equipment. Some designers produce mass-produced ready-to-wear collections, others offer garments, not unique, but produced in a limited number.
Ready-to-wear is also known under the term prêt-à-porter.


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