video fix: what does it take to turn a dream into reality?

It takes vision
It takes self belief

The Victoria Beckham Fashion Story

"Creative director of her eponymous luxury brand, Victoria Beckham is collaborating with Skype to share her inspirational fashion story exclusively via The Skype Collaboration Project.
In five short years Victoria has launched and steered a luxury brand towards industry acclaim and commercial success on a global scale. And now you can see how she’s made it happen. Skype’s team of filmmakers, designers, writers and coders have been given unprecedented access to her brand and her team to capture an entire season in fashion. Explore this extraordinary journey via a multi media experience – from red-carpet icon to red-carpet designer – and then get involved."
"The Victoria Beckham Fashion Story launches at 5pm (GMT) on Thursday, January 30 on The Skype Collaboration"



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