spring summer 2014: haute couture trainers

Really, trainers and Haute Couture? 

Both Chanel and Dior had styled their lavish Haute Couture collections with trainers.
Trainers has been part of the frame for quite a while now. Something that I personally still have to get familiar with.

Haute Couture belongs in a category out of the ordinary meaning actresses wearing unique gowns for special occasions like the Oscars. Going to the Oscars wearing trainers? I guess both Chanel and Dior are making quite a statement though. Looking at the red carpet, younger successful actresses like Jennifer Lawrence are stealing the spotlight and maybe it would be easier to meet her image and style with a more casual design?

Another designer who introduced trainers on the ready-to-wear runway for Spring/Summer 2014, is Rick Owens. His design gives the idea of wearing trainers a whole different dimension. They're quite extravagant and raw, just very different. And if you know about Rick Owens sense of quality in leather you'll know that these are the finest.

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Image 1 - Chanel above, Dior below
Image 2 - Rick Owens

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