is the grass greener

Two and a half week since I got back home from India. It’s been taking some time to really feel at home again. I’ve been flying on the whole travel thing. I still can’t decide wetter I’m actually staying here settling down and all. In India I had a meeting with Australia or say I discovered Australia, which means that I got introduced to Oz by meeting people telling me all this beautiful stuff about it and made it seem like a place for me.

It’s summer, most of the year, which first of all appeals to me a lot. A beach country, an English spoken country, loads of outdoor and water activities. They have a very well growing fashion industry, in general in growth. Chilled, sporty, good job opportunities and a healthy lifestyle were some of the things I was told by the people I met on their way to Australia.

Had I not promised myself away back home, I’d gone right away directly from India.
Coming home there is suddenly so much to consider; apartment, job, education, career and stuff. Why bother? Why not just do what I really want to and feel like doing right now?
Someone said: What is holding you back?

I am taking one day after another still feeling calm and relaxed. The first week after arrival I was ready to go every moment and determined that I’d only stay at home until I’d saved up the money to go hopefully by the end of February.

Then I had a meeting with my job, which made the picture turn around a bit and for a while. Well longer than the thought of end of February.

I am feeling happy and motivated. Australia is haunting me though. A lot.

It’s no wonder when a man looking like a mix between Gerard Butler and Jude Law is asking you to join him on his journey to Australia. And is nothing less than incredible kind, polite and nice.

Regardless I am curious on that Oz thing. What is going on down there? How is life there? 

Someone said: Why would the grass be greener down there?

Another said: The grass may not always be greener on the other side but unless you take a leap of faith you’ll never know and always think of what could have been.

The cool hunter said: What’s meant to be will always find its way.



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