oh boYY

obviously I had to ask kir who the designer was of her beautiful bag. and here they are
the boyy bags. I like the design very much and they look very usable for laptops and folders.

I put one, no two in my dreambox at once.

All BOYY bags made from 100% Italian leathers,
100% Italian zippers and Custom hardware.
All BOYY bags are hand-crafted.

"While jet-setting from Bangkok to visit their new store and atelier, to hand-selecting leather in Italy, to their New York office, and setting up appointments in Paris, designers Jesse Dorsey and Wannasiri Kongman drew upon their own gypsy lifestyle for inspiration for BOYY's Spring Summer 2011 collection. "We were inspired by the rush you get when you're throwing things into your overnight bag,"says Kongman, "inspiration came somewhere over some continent high-up in the sky" she followed with a joint sigh and a smile.

"We thought back to the era when a bag or a carrying case was not yet a status symbol, nor an accessory to match your shoes, but of functionality, compatibility and refined subtle beauty" Jesse commented then followed by "The hard part was how to do this with a modern appeal"

Jesse and Wannasiri have done just that. Taking inspiration from what would usually be stiff silhouettes of the past have now transformed them with their combined use of custom supple Italian leathers and custom designed hardware.

A line for the modern day fashionable woman with a modern day wanderlust."


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