gathered a stack of unfinished books today and concluded that it is to early to start on the next two books that I would really like to read also. I have resumed reading the patti smith biography which is starting to get quite interesting. 

some of my favorit books are the ken follet 'the pillars of the earth' and 'world without end'. I was quite frustrated as I had read the last page. I found myself beeing right next to the people and their lives in the stories. I was completely intrigued by the univers ken follet has created. note that the books assumes that you like history and the Middle Ages. after those two wonderful books I continued with 'fall of giants' also by ken follet. but it seems like the very heavy stone of a book is not really catching me. I have to give it another chance as soon as I have finished 'patti'. 
the magazines I read to the end every month, and several times. which magazines are lying on the coffee table from month to month varies, but the british vogue is among them almost every month.


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