alberto fasciani

the alberto fasciani boots. long awaited, despite the fact that it is summer are they perfect for the evenings. I so so have an adiction to this fabulous brand. they are italien, they are made by hand, pure craftmanship and a history of the factory that goes back for generations. 

"In Italy Alberto Fasciani is seen as the best shoemaker of all. His collections include the signature tailor-made riding boots as well as fashionable mens and womens shoes that fuse traditional Italian craftsmanship with impeccable aristocratic sensibilities. Fasciani moulds and produces shoes with an ancient taste using thick, rich, extra fine leathers. The shoes are handmade in a small factory in northern Italy and they are worn by the British Royal family. Fasciani’s creations are available at exclusive boutiques worldwide."

psst.. you can buy them at the Utzon shop in Aarhus, Denmark
+45 86 13 60 88


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