DIY shirt

this saturday I spontaneously ended up at the club dancing all night. it was fantastic! I love the spontaneous nights out were you have no expectations at all. were the night, the drink, the people, the music guides you, you just follow.

I was at home relaxing as my girlfriends called right before midnight asking me to join them. actually I was in the middle of cleaning out my wardrobe to put more than half of it on sale on for now already 74 ads and I still miss 3 boxes to add. pheew.. saturday, what to wear? as I just moved into a new appartment, and we still have no closet or rail to hang the clothes, everything is still in boxes and rather inaccessible. I had a quick look in one of the boxes and top there was an old mens shirt. found the scissor and cut of the sleeves and collar and tired a knot on the shirt folds. voila mensshirt transformt to womensshirt and perfect going out casual still chic oufit. simple and quickly done. bonus: got compliments ☺


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