you just know when you see it, feel it

'it is like shopping shoes, you see them, you feel them, and you know that they are just right for you, you have to have them.' 

that is what a camera enthusiast and photographer told me about choosing the right camera for yourself.

to me it is a jungle our there, choosing the camera. of course seen with an eye that is non practical and if price was not the issue I would go for the luxury series. guess I have to leave it in my dream. I am talking about the Leica m9. lately I have met photographers who are real Leica nerds. after seeing photos taken with the Leica I understand, and I see the difference from other cameras.

I really love the oldschool look and shape of the Fuji Finepix x100 and Leica M9. They are not to big to carry around and I have been told that they shoot a very great quality of photos. I need more info about the canon cameras though, before I choose. or maybe I should just choose from my instinct, as the photographer said.

Fuji Finepix X100 - 8000 DKK
Leica M9 - 43.000 DKK


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