thank you elise

..for the perfect wedding-guest dress 

elise gug
Elise Gug is a contemporary designer of timeless luxury r-t-w, beautiful salon dresses, wedding dresses and accessories.The elegant and stunningly beautiful designs, the fine materials and exquisite craftsmanship are her trademark.
The collections are produced in Italy where Elise Gug has a combination of a studio and an apartment.She likes to work in close cooperation with her partners at the factories and therefore alternates between Copenhagen, where her three children lives, and Italy.
Elise Gug has received two lifetime awards. First in 1990 “Den gyldne Knap” (The golden Button) as best Danish designer and again in 1997 “Det blå Fingerbøl” (The Blue Thimble) as best designer of Copenhagen. Elise Gug is the first of only three Danish designers who has received both awards.
Elise Gug is fascinated of and inspired by style icons such as Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. She is also very interested in interior design and it comes to reality in her beautiful home in Copenhagen published in several Danish and international interior magazines and books. 

there is nothing worse than doing the catwalk in the new dresses purchasedand then the man wrinkles on the nose. or well, he did not exactly wrinkle on the nose, but he did not cheer either! and we want the cheer!
well the pink princessdress that I had in mind for the wedding definitely had to be replaced with another style and color. 
I wondered if the dress I saw in august last year, in a showroom during copenhagen fashion week, could be the one? 

so I called elise gug today, to ask about the dress, and they still had it hanging, in my size! they will send it to me by post on friday! can not wait to see it again, and try it on. it's black though. and not all weddings allow black dresses. 
I paged the bride to be, if it was allowed to wear black at her wedding..? and it was!


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