my new accessorie

omg I was nervous as I sat down in the barber chair this morning. I have never been blond before in my life. what if it turned out yellow or too white, platin. and what would the response be, from the girls and worst, the boyfriend? and another thing, how is this new haircolor going to match my wardrobe? I feel like I have got a brand new accessorie.
sometimes you have to take chances. worst case, it's very easy to dye it dark again. easier than dying the hair from dark to blond. 

a very big credit and thanks to the best hairdresser ever, marianne from the salon 
'wo+man coiffure', graven 26, 8000 århus c, 86 13 16 13
I feel brand new, and very blond. love my new look.


  1. Du ser fantastisk ud :)Håper vi ses en gang om ikke alt for lang tid :) klem



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