I do not know why, but I can't stop thinking about red ballerinas. red repetto's, I have got the idea, that they will match everything in my wardrobe and the summer just perfect. Also

and I need new sunglasses. and I can not choose. I been thinking about the two classic persol sunglasses for over a year now, it is time! 
tomorrow I will go for a serious stop at the eyeglass shop. 

the cassic blue shirt, in the right quality, in the perfect light blue, and the perfect lenght. I have been searching for a month now, both online and down town. the one that elin kling is wearing above is from zara. unfortunately it is no where to find in their online shop. I have been going through menswear also. but no luck yet. I will keep searching.

the loafers above are from filippa k and will arrive in stores fall 2011. on the photo both color, and 'loafer-design' look good. then I only need to check if they look just as great on my feet. some shoe designs just are not made for a size 40.

my all time favourite jeans. acne needle. I have 3 pairs in black. it is time for a pair in the classic blue to go with the red repetto's.


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