yours again

Came across this new brand 'Yours Again' who's upcycling and redesigning denim into new styles. A super cool sustainable concept that looks worth it to go follow.

ikea x space10: the future of home design

The innovation lab Space10 in Copenhagen launched by Ikea to explore the future of home design. 

The team has created a series of conceptual products designed to improve health and wellbeing in city environments, as well as monitor and reduce energy consumption. These are being displayed in an exhibition of living spaces at Space10, hidden among standard Ikea products. >>

it's a match

Suede Celine heels from the online vintage shop perfect for upcoming the Christmas parties.

certified beauty

4 organic skin care brands recommended by the beautician.

I've been addicted to random high quality brands for years, but over the years I've become more aware of poisonous pesticides used in our food as well as other questionable ingredients used in cosmetics og skin products. I'm always the one to read the product info on the back to check that I'm not cheated on.

The word organic is often used in front of the product, while the product info hides the whole truth and surprisingly enough often the product only contains 10 % organic ingredients or even parabens.

I asked my friend for advice who is an expert within organic skin care and who is working for Pureshop, to be sure to get both value, organic, and certified beauty for my money. Check out her recommendations >>

recycle your clothes

H&M reminding us to recycle our clothes by bringing it back to where we purchased it. A win-win for both the environment and for H&M with the high chance of the customer to buy something new when coming back to the shop with the old clothes.

The Danish Fashion Forum news platform posted an article yesterday about Danes seeking more sustainable fashion. A study informs that 27 % of us find sustainability important, or very important when purchasing clothing and shoes. But 61 % find it too difficult to see through wether the product is produced under sustainable standards. The same amount are asking for a higher transparency in the area. >>

eyes on: light blue

Coats are always a good buy if they are classic and simple, then they'll last for several seasons. Choosing a colored coat instead of a black one is always a risk. Cos is always a great place to look if you need minimalistic pieces and nordic simplicity. Their qualities never fail nor does their carefully selected range of colors. This classic color of light blue would my opinion last for seasons. Go light up the Winter and get it here
Psst >>

hype: chanel slingbacks

The ultra classic Chanel two-toned slingback shoe is probably on many girls wishlist at the moment. The classic Chanel shoe that Karl Lagerfeldt represented last year has made a major comeback and there's already a waiting list if you want to be the lucky one to own a pair. So what is the hype about?

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